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    The standard of ergonomic children chair.

    2018-05-04 handler 2611


    With the development of society, children occupy a central position in the family, and the demand for children's furniture is increasing. However, the majority of children's products on the market are not conducive to the growth of children, and the concept of human ergonomics for children is very vague, and even think that as long as the desktop can adjust the height and angle of human engineering.


    In fact, the research and development of ergonomics involves many fields, such as the analysis of human basic data, the analysis and calculation of physiological data, and even the calculation of psychological research, which are all of the scope of ergonomics.


    Children's ergonomics is relatively more complex, because children will increase with age, both physiological and psychological changes are very obvious, so the design requires more scientific and more accurate. Therefore, the first human engineering association of China invested in the research of children's ergonomics in 2016, and applied it to the ergonomic children's desk and chair. At the same time, the concept of "ergonomic child chair standard" was introduced to set up a standard standard for the furniture industry.


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