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    How to choose the right chair.

    2018-04-28 handler 2272


    The meeting chair is different from the office chair, the office chair is flexible and convenient to move, and the chair, as the name suggests is the chair used in the conference room, does not need to pay attention to the flexibility, the attention should be how to use the space reasonably, and can reasonably accommodate more people. The bow chair, as a conference chair, is simple in shape and less occupied than the swivel chair. It can fully expand the utilization rate of the space.


    The choice of comfort, the most important place for a meeting chair is comfort, and the comfort of the seat, the seat cushion is of course and its importance. Generally, the cushion is best formed in one, and a high quality sponge is used, the sponge thickness is higher than 50px, in order to keep the elasticity not easy to deform, but the material used inside the cushion is not the material. We can see it at a glance, and teach you a test to see how the texture is. We can sit a little longer, and if it can be restored quickly, it proves that the chair is not easy to deform. Then the front edge of the cushion should have a downward slide, which can reduce the friction and contact of the inside of the knee joint, and will not be squeezed to the thigh. It will be beneficial to the health of the human body.


    The choice of the back of the chair is also very important to health. The back of the chair should be flexible and flexible. The support must be powerful and the surface has a certain elasticity. And the material contact with the human body must be breathable, wear-resistant and dirty, and it is not easy to produce static electricity with the body or clothes. The tilt angle of the back of the chair is also very particular. Research shows that the tilt angle of the back of the chair is about 135 degrees to the minimum pressure on the disc, but this angle does not apply, because it is already a half sitting position. In order to meet the requirements of our work, the inclination angle of office chairs is most suitable for the 110 to 120 degrees between the cushions.


    How do you choose the foot of the chair? The material of chair legs is very particular, and can not be scarred. To buy metal chairs, we should pay attention to the thickness of steel tubes and other metal materials. If you choose a bow chair, you must pay attention to the no roller in the bow chair, the wear of the floor is very large, so we must take the pads, reduce the friction on the ground, and make the chair more stable.


    The style is also important for the conference room. It should take into account the style of the conference room and match the existing conference table. But if there is really fear of choice, then you can choose some hundred tower conference chairs.


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