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    The choice of office chairs is very knowledgeable!

    2018-04-13 gavee100 2877


    In fact, the office chair is no longer just simple office furniture, more and more brands are integrating advanced science and technology. At present, the most popular consumer is "ergonomic office chair". Ergonomic office chair is designed and produced by combining ergonomic health knowledge. This office chair is more intelligent for the back of the chair. It can be fitted to the back curve of the body, support the waist enough, and the cushions are all integrated and are environmentally friendly and healthy.

    At present, more advanced health office chairs can be purchased on the market, home Vii health office chair. It not only has the intelligent adjustment function of the maximum angle of 135 degrees, can adjust the surface cushion of the deep sitting, and the five claw chair feet, but also adopts the innovative linkage mechanism of the seat back.


    This "seat back linkage" office chair is not only strictly in conformity with the design of ergonomics. No matter the user adjusts the back of the chair to any angle, it can flexibly give the spine, arm and head strong support. And the linkage of the linkage chassis points to fit the body joint, when the back of the seat back, one will automatically move forward, the two movement track parallel, so that the user's center of gravity balance, to achieve a more comfortable effect.


    The seemingly simple office chair is often ignored by us, but the office chair is really concerned with the health of the sedentary people, the bad office chair and the sedentary seat, and the healthy office chair creates a comfortable office environment for us. How to choose a high-quality office chair, which contains many scientific and healthy knowledge, deserves our attention. I believe that when we choose a healthy and comfortable office chair, it will also bring more motivation to our work.


    Pay attention to the high quality of life, attention GAVEE weiyi!

    "Happy work, love yourself" gavee computer chair

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