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    Chuang Ji industrial park, No. 49, Zi Heng West Road, Pingzi New District, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen
    • Ergonomics definition

      Ergonomics is a factor in the study of human anatomy, physiology and psychology in a certain working environment. It studies the interaction between human and m...

      2018-05-11 2391

    • The standard of ergonomic children chair.

      With the development of society, children occupy a central position in the family, and the demand for children's furniture is increasing. However, the major...

      2018-05-04 2610

    • How to choose the right chair.

      The meeting chair is different from the office chair, the office chair is flexible and convenient to move, and the chair, as the name suggests is the chair used...

      2018-04-28 2271

    • How to choose a good chair?

      softChoose a good chair, must choose a soft chair, do not choose that very hard chair, otherwise, will sit on the butt or all the body will be easy to ache!Comf...

      2018-04-20 2338

    • The choice of office chairs is very knowledgeable!

      In fact, the office chair is no longer just simple office furniture, more and more brands are integrating advanced science and technology. At present, the most ...

      2018-04-13 2876

    • How to choose the right office chair?


      2018-03-30 2769

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